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We are Access Group International - A Business Development Consultant Company.

Dedicated to providing superior product and services to the communities it serves.

Center for International Trade and Business Development is wholly owned and operated by Access Group International Inc (AGI) and was established to enhance the competitive strength of companies (domestic and International) in the United States marketplace by providing the following services:

  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Sales Agent
  • Direct Sales
  • Warehousing and Product Distribution
  • Customs
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Financing Activities
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Display Center
  • General Business Consulting Services
  • Media Services


The vision of AGI is to be recognized as a center of excellence in providing support to both domestic and international businesses. We are considered as the partner of choice and to lead the development of a network of private, government and non-governmental bodies cooperating in the growth of the communities we serve.


To assist both foreign and domestic companies to develop their capabilities by taking advantage of business opportunities generated by both the foreign and domestic market places.

To be the ideal “One-Stop-Shop” for all small to medium sized businesses.

To assist the businesses in developing their expertise in the financial, marketing, supply management, logistics and market research facets of their business.


Provide support programs and projects that are based on, and effectively identify and respond to customer requirements and priorities.

Provide a core team of highly qualified personnel to develop and manage the key areas of our clients' operations in the respective marketplace.

Maintain a business relationship with high-caliber experts and firms who can supplement our capabilities and can be called upon to help us meet the specialized needs of our customers.

Build productive strategic alliances with other recognized companies to make cost effective use of their capabilities, expertise, services and tools when serving our clients needs.

Develop international, national, and regional networks of our private and public sector organizations, aimed at facilitating exchanges of relevant experiences, information and technical support and at promoting collaborative approaches to solving common problems.

What we do best

Access Group International

Access Group International (AGI) has been at the forefront in the development of an innovative network of private, government and non-governmental bodies cooperating in the growth of small to medium sized business in the US and international marketplace.

Through our vast coalition of knowledge and expertise, Access Group International (AGI) has launched several site-specific projects that are certain to benefit the economy of the United States while establishing a "helpful hand" presence in other parts of the world.

Access Business Development Center

Access Group International is a center for International Trade Development and has been established to enhance the competitive strength of foreign and domestic businesses in the US marketplace, and support the international trade development in local communities.

Welcome to Access Finance

As the #1 financial resource for growing companies since 1987, Access Finance division has guided thousands of businesses through the funding process.

Our staff will help you pinpoint your financing needs, start-up loans, working capital, research loans, equipment purchases and more. Then, if necessary, introduce you to some of the nation's most trusted financial institutions. Just tell us a little about your capital needs and we'll reveal potential lenders that match your criteria.

Career Opportunities

Access Group International provides motivated, creative individuals with ample opportunities for rewarding careers.

Our progressive approach and supportive work environment offer Access Group International employees, engineers, agents and sales representatives a sound opportunity for unlimited growth.

We offer excellent training, unsurpassed support and very competitive compensation. Access Group International will train the right candidates for this excellent opportunity.