Access Group International is a socially responsible company dedicated to developing communities and delivering superior products and services to the people in the communities it serves.

To take advantage of these inherent capabilities, the company has been organized into three business segments: finance, energy and business services.

Each of these business segments is further divided into services for foreign and domestic companies.

The basic business philosophy of the company is one of service to the communities in which we do business.

The mission of AGI can be summed up in a simple statement, "Promoting the Economic Growth and Development of the Communities we Serve". In today's global economy, communities can be both foreign and domestic.

The target market for the domestic operations is the small to medium sized businesses. Based on market research, AGI observed a definite gap in the market place for a company that can provide all of the basic products and services necessary to allow the entrepreneur to successfully operate a small to medium size business.

In answer to the perceived gap in the market place, AGI developed the "One Stop Shop" for the small businessman and/or woman. This program was accomplished by combining AGI's in-house expertise with strong strategic alliances. This concept requires that AGI's finance group work in close harmony with the business services group to provide the complete package to the customer. To ensure this close cooperation, AGI provides training and competitive incentives to sales personnel in both groups to cross sell as much as possible.

Foreign Services provided in two segments:

  • The FIRST is offering the same array of products and services to foreign companies, doing business in the United States, as we do to our domestic client.
  • The SECOND segment of our foreign business is the development, financing and operations of electrical generation facilities powered by wind and natural gas. In addition, AGI offers the addition service of a Trade & Business Development Center.

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