AE Invests $126 Million in Pakistan's Economy


May 24, 2004, Los Angeles-ACCESS ENERGY, an alternative energy company, is getting ready to launch its innovative Wind Energy Project in Pakistan. The energy project is in response to the Request for Proposal advertised in January of this year by Pakistan's Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), which is actively seeking international companies to evaluate and implement alternative/renewable energy resources for Pakistan on a national level.

ACCESS ENERGY's $126 million dollar investment in highly advanced wind turbine technology is projected to generate 100 megawatts during the first year of operations at the company's wind farm in the port city of Karachi. The company is also currently exploring the viability of generating an additional 1,800 megawatts via on- and off-shore projects in the next ten years.

The transfer of such technology to Pakistan will not only serve as a cost-effective and cleaner alternative source of energy, but will also provide an additional boost to the country's growing economy. Numerous jobs will be created as a result of ACCESS ENERGY's plans to assemble and manufacture wind turbines in Pakistan and export them throughout the world. Undoubtedly, this venture is of significant value to Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves.

In order to assure proper maintenance and quality control on the project, ACCESS ENERGY is proposing to establish a formal training program for its Pakistani workforce since it estimates that Pakistanis will perform at least 30 % of the project. In addition, the company plans on sponsoring wind-engineering programs in the country's major universities to further educate Pakistani engineers and technicians about the many advantages of wind turbines.

Access Energy is a dynamic, fast growing company dedicated to providing clean .energy solutions in the form of wind energy6 and compressed natural gas.

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